Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yes we did tip toe ♥

What a wonderful weekend filled with a sea of colour.

It began with that Ohhhh is it that time already?

I was so keen to start the day and in fact could not really sleep ( hmmm or was it that I was not organised) I was up till the wee hours colour coordinating a kaleidoscope mountain of pettiskirts .

So poor Mr chofer husbaroonie was pulled from bed after thinking "Ahhhh another hours sleep is ahead of me" oh how wrong he was, daylight savings had begun...yes the clock said 5am ... but it was in fact 6 am, and we had to leave in an hour!

Cut to the chase, we made it to Tesselaar Tulip Festival and Miss Amanda summed it all up .....WOW .... WOW breathtaking. I think I have found my new happy place!

So with five spunkerella's and their awesome mums in tow we managed to shoot amongst the tulips.

Yes it was a bit Chili, yes the ground was damp, but we managed to have smiles and giggles & only did that drizzle of rain come when we were snapping up our last shots, we were so lucky.

Anyone who is in Melbourne you must go and check out the festival... we were truly spoilt cause it was the Food, Wine and Jazz weekend ( ahem did somebody say wine?) we just loved it.

A huge thank you to the mums who made it all possible to get your darling little sweethearts to the shoot ..... Sarah, Georgia, Emily, and Miss Chloe what fun you girls are thank you.

And To Rachael.... who is going to look so HOT at the races *wink wink thank you gorgeous, we had a wonderful day at the festival what a fun day ... great memories.

To the men ... Mr Paul and Jesse well you both rock ...thank you.

Amanda ...what no shooting today? thank you thank you thank you!

And to my cool little family, Evie, Jaz and my Mr Hottie.... snuggle buggles your way.

So stay tuned we have some gorgeous photos coming.

I haven't even whispered a word about our sparkly shoot that followed our Tulip shoot, shhhh!

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