Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ode to a pettiskirt.....

The winner of our too cool competition is Miss Mandy (Woo Hoo!) with her awesome insight into the life of a very cool and very spunky 3 year old.
We just love it.

Ode to a pettiskirt......dedicated to my slightly kooky 3 year old :P

Oh, I wish I had a pettiskirt, I'd wear it everyday;

With leggings, shirts and sandals,

Or even my PJ's;

Oh I wish I had a pettiskirt, to drive my mummy crazy;

I'd insist I wear it everywhere,

so she could not be lazy,

with the washing of my pettiskirt, for washing it would need!

I love to play in mud and dirt,

no warnings will I heed,

To be careful with my pretty clothes or they will get all dirty!

In fact I think it's quite a hoot, when mummy gets all shirty.

So, if I had a pettiskirt, I can truely tell,

My Spunkerella pettiskirt would be worn REALLY well! :)


  1. Oh my goodness - thankyou!! Miss Lily is going to be thrilled!