Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spot The Difference - Compare Pettiskirts.

Is it a Spunkerella?
Can you spot the difference?

Below is a list  of a few things we feel you should know about
Spunkerella pettiskirt's 
and why we are so proud.

  • Premium buttery soft chiffon used in our entire range.
  • Designed with 2 layers, using 7 metres of our quality fabric, along with 35 metres of full fluffy feeling fabulous ruffles....WOW!
  • A hidden button in the waistband allowing for adjustments. This ensures a perfect fit as well as many years of smiles and giggles.
  • Fully functioning satin bow you can tie at the waist.
  • Satin ribbon feature skirts are crafted with 3 tiers.
  • Crafted using a kaleidoscope of Spunkerella signature colours and combinations.
  • Beautifully made with delicate detail and of the highest quality finish. 
  • Spunkerella logo and care instructions sewn inside every pettiskirt.
  • Lead free materials used.
  • A staple in many professional photographer's prop department.
  • A gorgeous keepsake to be passed down through the generations.
  • Perfect party attire!
  • Stylish while watching the world go by in your favourite cafe 
    (baby cino in hand of course!)
  • Fantastic for skipping in the park and crunching leaves.
  • Rockin for the budding super star.
  • You can wear our skirts absolutely anywhere and everywhere!

    Each skirt comes with Spunkerella's stamp of approval.

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