Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spot The Difference - Compare Pettiskirts.

Is it a Spunkerella?
Can you spot the difference?

Below is a list  of a few things we feel you should know about
Spunkerella pettiskirt's 
and why we are so proud.

  • Premium buttery soft chiffon used in our entire range.
  • Designed with 2 layers, using 7 metres of our quality fabric, along with 35 metres of full fluffy feeling fabulous ruffles....WOW!
  • A hidden button in the waistband allowing for adjustments. This ensures a perfect fit as well as many years of smiles and giggles.
  • Fully functioning satin bow you can tie at the waist.
  • Satin ribbon feature skirts are crafted with 3 tiers.
  • Crafted using a kaleidoscope of Spunkerella signature colours and combinations.
  • Beautifully made with delicate detail and of the highest quality finish. 
  • Spunkerella logo and care instructions sewn inside every pettiskirt.
  • Lead free materials used.
  • A staple in many professional photographer's prop department.
  • A gorgeous keepsake to be passed down through the generations.
  • Perfect party attire!
  • Stylish while watching the world go by in your favourite cafe 
    (baby cino in hand of course!)
  • Fantastic for skipping in the park and crunching leaves.
  • Rockin for the budding super star.
  • You can wear our skirts absolutely anywhere and everywhere!

    Each skirt comes with Spunkerella's stamp of approval.

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  1. I have photographed many little angels in pettis and the Spunkerella's are a far superior product. The inferior brands have a nasty cheap sheen too that looks really blech when photographed in sunshine or under lights.
    The spunkerella skirt is soft and frothy looking, much fuller, swirls and twirls and moves beautifully.
    There simply is no comparison, you get what you pay for, and the cheaper ones are cheap-dear if you ask me.

  2. What a difference there is between the 2! The Spunkerella ones look like such excellent quality and so beautiful and I would own MANY if only I had little girls, instead of little boys :)

  3. I could not agree more,They are so soft and beautiful, i bought 4.. you definitely pay for what you get.
    After i had spent much time searching and comparing to other skirts, the quality and fullness of Spunkeralla petties are excellent,and outshone any of the others.
    By the amount of comments my daughter attracts each times she wears any one of them is testament to me just how beautiful they are..

  4. Like comparing Belgian chocolate to homebrand. ;)

  5. Oh the top one is waaaay classier and more the real deal x

  6. Don't you wish you could make people understand how much time and hard work goes into creating a great product? It's an investment, not something to throw away after 1 or 2 wears. Keep up the great work!

  7. We love our spunkerella's, we have a few at home now, lol, and they are so easy to wash after a day at the beach or an afternoon at a party, wouldn't even look at anything else. Love your work, ours are always commented on everywhere we go.
    Mine handles very well with a full evening of party antics at my 30th, lol