Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hellpixie Hits The Red Carpet!

Three cheers for Hellpixie!
Sunday night the gorgeous actor and Scarlet haired beauty
 Miss Melissa Bergland strutted her stuff on the red carpet for the  first time wearing her very own stunning Emerald Green custom made frock from Hellpixie along with a bit of a Pettiflirt underneath!

Skye, Hellpixies' owner/designer woke Monday morning to find her gorgeous superb fitting gown had made it on several "Worst dressed lists"

Soon after posting this, Hellpixie's Facebook wall was inundated while being filled with support and
praise for the stunning 50's inspired dress along with how fabulous Melissa looked in it.

Helen Razor- Radio presenter,author and writer for The Age, wrote on
Hellpixie's Facebook page
"Utter nonsense! This "Fashion Don't" is evidence only that the twits at News Corp are so blinded by spray-tan and misogyny that they couldn't recognise a beautiful gown if it flew up their jacksie. I'm grateful for one thing, though. Now I know all about your wonderful dresses. I'm measuring myself as I type."

We just want to say that we are thrilled and so proud of
 Miss Skye.
 Hellpixie is a very dear friend of Spunkerella... and along with the cool cat  duo from Jubly Umph you can sometimes catch all three labels having a ball at our FAVORITE market

* Jubly Umph have a Facebook SALE tonight 8:30 Melb time.



  1. Melissa was the Queen of Oz in her Emerald gown. The look on her face and the way she carried herself told all about how beautiful she felt on that magickal night.
    Skye gets cherries straight across for a wonderful and exciting evening that she shared with us all! (((((hug)))))

  2. ha ha ... yes indeed SP, thanks for popping by ♥