Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yummy yummy in my tummy.

If you haven't already tasted Trampoline Gelato .... then now is the time to do yourself a favour .

Check out their divine flavours here

*disclaimer Spunkerella will not be held liable if Trampoline addiction occurs.


  1. Oh boy. Oooooh boy.

    I'm not going to even look where they are located in fear they are right near me.

    I've always picked what I want... and I am lusting for the aptly named Choc Therapy. Delish.

    Have you tasted them? Which one?

  2. Chantelle ... I am a bit of a nutter it seems.
    I am a lucky gal, pretty much all of the nutty flavours I have savoured, Spiced Choc was pretty yum, Iced vo-vo well you know that was a sure winner and my other halfs favourite♥
    They kindly offer a sample spoon to help you deceide!

  3. Well, I'd love some now! I love Gelato! but no, just my luck there isn't any in Mackay, I can only hope maybe soon?